IKARUS - is a single player hologram free-fall game that was designed and developed in just two weeks during a workshop with Prof. Dr. Franklin Hernàndez-Castro at the Hochschule fuer Gestaltung Schwaebisch Gmuend.

Game description
IKARUS is about the greek demi-god who tried flying to the sun with self-made wings. But after flying too close to the sun his wings burnt and he fell down to Earth. We captured this story for our gameplay. You can control the falling Ikarus to bring him back to Earth savely.

On his way back to Earth there are a few obstacles which represent the various difficulty levels.

1. Level: Asteroids

2. Level: Flying Islands

3. Level: Clouds

After helping Ikarus pass these obstacles, you have won the game and brought Ikarus back to Earth safely.

Two different power-ups appear in IKARUS which make it easier for the player to win.

Wings: After catching a pair of wings and activating this power-up, the game starts running in slow-motion making it easier to avoid the obstacles.

Shield: After catching a shield, you can activate it around Ikarus to avoid obstacles automatically.

Depiction and Programming
The special thing about IKARUS is that we used a special projection technique to create the illusion of a hologram.

Our figure, obstacles and power-ups were created and designed in Cinema 4D.

IKARUS was programmed with Javascript with inclusion of the Box2D-Library which is responsible for the dynamic physics simulation. It was difficult to program since we had to mirror every function of the game four times for the hologram.

IG Student:
Moritz Kuhn

„smth“ - Severin Ströhle
Music used under licensed permission of the creator and associated labels.
„Ikarus“ - Crack Ignaz & Wandl (Meltingpot Music)