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First International Workshop on Problem-Oriented Development (POD-2009)

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28.06.2009 22:00 to 29.06.2009 22:00


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With a Keynote Talk by Professor Joost Breuker, and invited talks by Professor Alistair SutcliffeDr. Jon Hall and Dr. Lucia Rapanotti.

Welcome to the official website of the First International Workshop on Problem-Oriented Development. Here you will find all the details of POD-2009, as well as resources relating to Problem-Oriented Development generally.

Problem-Oriented Development is an emerging paradigm of computing that considers problems, rather than requirements, to be the primary subject of investigation for Software Engineers. POD therefore addresses questions such as:


  • What is the general nature and structure of Software Engineering (SE) problems?
  • How can we model and reason about SE problems?
  • What tool support is required for effective problem analysis?
  • What is the relationship between organisational problems, their solutions, and the organisation itself? 


2009 will be an important year for Problem-Oriented Development. Not only is this the first workshop to explicitly address Problem-Oriented Development, but it also marks the start of a concerted and collaborative effort to lay down a sound scientific basis on which to proceed.

Several researchers have already started to address the challenges that Problem-Oriented Development raises. Work to date has addressed the need to provide an empirical basis for problem models, the need for knowledge reuse within problem analysis, and techniques for formally justifying the relationships between problems and their solutions.  

However, despite the progress that has already been made within this emerging field, it is clear that many challenges still remain. In particular, there is a need to better understand the relationships between the various models and approaches that have been proposed. Additionally, the fundamental structure of software engineering problems remains unclear and must be further investigated and improved tool support for problem analysis is also required.


POD-2009 therefore aims to raise awareness of the importance of Problem-Oriented Development, and to promote a collaborative drive to overcome the challenges faced by the community.


We wish to bring together both academia and industry in order to deliver practical, effective and theoretically sound approaches to problem analysis. Each accepted author will be given the opportunity to present their own research, as well as participating in a panel discussion of other work. Through free and open debate the workshop aims to:

·         Promote the need for POD techniques;

·         Inspire future research;

·         Deliver tangible results.


We believe that through a free exchange of ideas, we can meet these aims, thereby delivering real improvements to our understanding of techniques for solving real-world problems through the application of software.


If you have any further questions about POD-2009, or about Problem-Oriented Development generally, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at james.naish@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk .