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how to: Send DMX512 from processing, using the ENTTEC Open DMX USB Interface device

A simple example on how to send DMX Signal in Processing, using the ENTTEC Open DMX USB Interface.

 openDMX_example.zip (including driver and library)


  • download the .zip
  • install the driver (you will find in the .zip)
  • place the lib in to your Processing libraries folder
  • attach the OpenDMX USB device
  • go


About OpenDMX:

The openDMX is a hardware Project, under a  GPL license, provided by ENTTEC.

The OpenDmx USB circuit simply consists of a USB to serial converter (FT232BM) and a driver block (max485). This circuit takes care of transforming your signal from USB to Serial and from Serial (RS 232) to DMX (RS485) but it does not care about what are you sending (transmitting). The signal itself has to be produced by your PC. The PC has to take care of timing and order of the signal. This kind of devices is called "unbuffered", because the USB to DMX device is not storing or buffing anything, if your computer hang-up, your signal gets also jam.


About the library:

The library is a  Java wrapper (JNI) to connect to the OpenDmx widget and taking care on the DMX singal timing and strukture. The Source code is in java and c++. The author is Juanjo Lopez. more infos about the project here





[edited by tomek ness | 2010]