Arcade Game


owl++ is a reaction based game of skill, which was developed to be played by two players.
The player has the task to catch all randomly placed owls on the playing area.
A counter on the left and right site of the screen is showing how many owls are already caught by the respective player. The x-axis in the real world controls your x-axis in the game and the z-axis in the real world controls the y-axis in the game. To make the game more difficult, the players are able to catch an additional object, which inverts the x-axis control of the opponent. The speed of the owls in the y-axis increases with the score. The winner is determinate by the player who first catches 20 owls.

owl++ is using the gesture controller Leap Motion. Players can catch the objects by using closing their hands (to ensure that Leap Motion recognizes your gesture, tip every finger at the same time on your thump).
Visually the players are located in an atmospheric quiet and gloomy forest.

An owl represents the object the players needs to catch. The owls have two different eye colors, for each player one color. The additional objects are realized by falling leaves.

The project owl++ was created in the class "3-dimensionale Grundlagen im medialen Raum " (engl. three-dimensional rudiments), which is taught by Prof. Dr. Franklin Hernández-Castro. The task we had to fulfill was to develop a two-player- arcade game.

Denise Fiedler IOT 2

Jannick Lenz IOT 2 

Fahim Popalzai IG 2 

Lennart Schiffers IG 2 

Luca Wessely IG 2